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Many experienced traders are saying that successful trading is 90% psychology and only 10% having a good trading system. Therefore, one of your goals should be to acquire the right mindset to improve our trading results.


Thoughts are not hard-wired! They can be changed. And our 5 FREE CDs with Positive Affirmations For Traders can help you to rewrite negative thoughts about trading and they can plant new healthy thoughts into your subconscious mind.


If you can answer one of the following two questions with "yes" then our free affirmations are for you:

- Did you collect negative thoughts about trading over the years?

- Do you want to plant new healthy thoughts into your mind that support your trading?


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Best Recording technology for the highest possible effect

Our Positive Affirmation CDs are recorded with a special technology called “Silent Subliminals” for the highest possible effect. Read on to learn more about the silent subliminal technology.


Silent Subliminal Technology

The technology was first patented in 1989 by a US aerospace engineer O. M. Lowery as a logarithmic sound filter. Because of its success, the US government was very interested and made use of it mostly as "classified" operation and was released decades later to the general public, although not in its entirety. The US government has used this technology to reprogram its soldiers, CIA spy agents to undertake unimaginable missions. This goes to show, how powerful the subconscious mind truly is!

We make use of this very same technique towards helping traders achieve success in trading. Help them overcome their fears, control emotions such as greed and fear and overall help traders to become truly successful and confident trading machines.

What are subliminal positive affirmations?

These are spoken affirmations that are tuned to low frequencies and combined with soothing or relaxing sounds as that of nature or calm and comforting music, to target the subconscious mind. Your sub conscious mind automatically receives these subliminal positive affirmations; thereby enabling you to not only grow confident in trading but also helps you to achieve a more positive state of mind.

The benefits of subliminal MP3's over traditional or conscious affirmation techniques are that they are more powerful. Because the conscious mind is always guarded, conscious affirmation techniques take a longer period of time depending on how receptive (believing) your conscious mind is. Your conscious mind often filters the information it receives before it is embedded into the subconscious mind. Subliminal positive affirmations on the other hand, target the subconscious mind directly therefore putting in the positive affirmations that are completely unfiltered and thus more effective.

You can listen to the subliminal positive affirmations while at work or while going about your daily chores. You can also listen to it just before you hit the bed, which is when the conscious mind takes a break while your subconscious mind tends to be more receptive.

To your success!


Following are our Positive Affirmation CDs which you can download for free

I am a successful trader
I have developed and follow a proven successful trading system
I am consistently following my trading plan
I have a trading journal and I use it
I have complete trust in probabilities
I invest in my trading education & myself
I only open trades with a good risk reward
I am happy to take a profit and I will not be greedy
I can sense the minute changes in market momentum
I take each trade correctly, confidently and with ease.

My trading plan has evolved over time into a system that fits me perfectly
I will only trade signals which fulfil my trading system rules
I trade according to what the market IS doing, not what I think it ‘should’ be doing
I have an optimal level of confidence in my trading strategy for maximum profitability.
I know that losing trades are one part of being a trader
My trading don’t affect my emotions
I do not let emotions sway my trade decisions.
I will not interfere with my trades without just cause
I approach trading as a business.
The results of my trades are merely outcomes of market opportunities I acted on

I don’t have to be correct with every trade.
I do not fight the market. I make money on whichever direction the market is going.
I am always learning and improving my skills.
Following my trading plan has proven to be very profitable
When I am winning, I will be centered, awake, and thankful.
I will stay as calm and serene as always when I am trading and I will continue to follow the plan.
I am happy because i followed my trading plan
Trading brings in greater and greater profits for me.
Trading is effortless for me, and my abilities increase all the time.
I trade consistently and congruently in every way.

I try to trade with the dominant daily trend as much as possible
I am not emotionally affected by my profits or losses
I take small losses rather than let them become large losses. I don't have to be correct with every trade.
I’m a professional trader and thus I will not engage in gambling my money in the markets
Instead of over-trading, I will be patient and let trading opportunities present themselves to me
Chart patterns and momentum give me the opportunity and information to make winning trades
I have the ability to see opportunities as they develop
I am in sync with the market
I keep a trading journal, and note when and why my analysis failed and succeeded. I review this journal weekly.
I approach trading as a business. I am strategic and logical in following my trading business plan.

I am aware that after developing or following a proven system, 90% of successful trading is psychological.
I realize that my mind possesses infinite potential and that infinite potential can be realized through practice.
I keep exact track of all my trades, including profits and losses. I also keep a journal of my thoughts.
I always take calculated risks
I am able to be extremely patient when needed
I take what the markets give me and am grateful for these gifts.
I accept the present as reality and take action accordingly.
I am willing to make mistakes, learn from them, forgive myself and move on.
I am flexible and adaptable.
I trust myself to do what is in my best interest.

FREE Subliminal Audio CDs

Download the FREE Subliminal Audio CDs as MP3 files. To receive my email 100% sure: 
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