AUDJPY Double Bottom After V and At A Major Support 19-08-30

Yesterday I announced a highest probability double bottom in telegram group.

With this signal 3 edges/advantages from the bigger picture are coming together at the same time. Such setups can produce a very high winning percentage for you while the winners can get big.

With such highest quality setups I was able to make 50+ live trade announcements in the DTB-telegram group since December 2017 and produced a 75+% winning percentage. The trades and the explanations are all available in the telegram group. Filter the group to see only my message and scroll back.

The following screenshot shows the moment when I announced the trade in the telegram group:



The following screenshot shows the bigger version of the H4 time frame in the moment when the signal was delivered to the signal channel (get access to the signal channel):



And here you can see the signal time frame H1 in the moment when the signal was sent to the signal channel:



So what makes this signal a highest probability signal you may ask?

If you look at the bigger picture (D1 / H4) you can see that 3 edges are coming together:

1. There was a major stop hunt (recent low was taken out)

2. There is a regular bullish divergence on D1

3. There is a prior V formation (even a strong one) visible on H4 that broke the descending trend line


These 3 edges make the trade especially promising (such setups produced a winning percentage 75+% in the past)!


The following D1 chart shows the first two edges. The red horizontal line shows the recent low. There was a stop hunt below that price level and the price got immediately rejected to the upside again.

As you can also see in this chart, a regular bullish divergence developed which is labeled with the two green lines:



The third edge you can see on the H4 time frame.

There was a prior downward trend that produced a nice trend line. After the trend got steeper, the price wave back to the trend line even slightly touched that trend line.

But the you can see the strong downward move (the stop hunt) and the immediate rejection from the stop hunt level. This rejection formed the right leg of the V-formation.

The V definitely broke the trend line. The double bottom came exactly at the support the broken trend line:



And the H4 chart above shows exactly the characteristic as the sketch of one of our standard setups which you can see below. Please remember that I did the sketch back in 2017.

These types of setups has always occurred and they will always repeat. The smart money MUST operate that way to extract money from the herd! :)





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