Ultimate Trading Coaching Program


In this 3-months coaching program you will learn exactly how I achieved the following results and
together we will do live entries into trades based on rules which no members knows until now:





What you will get when you book the Ultimate Trading Coaching


  • 40 hours of coaching + trade setups (3 days per week 1 hour coaching)
  • LIFETIME access to special coaching area on the website
  • 90 days access to an elite telegram group
  • you will learn 2 new trade entry styles which no member knows until now
  • you will get a special ExpertAdvisor (life-time usage)
  • you will get a special Indicator (life-time usage)
  • setup announcements
  • you can ask questions and have an impact on the learning topics


The goal of the Ultimate Trading Coaching


There will be a limited amount of members in the Ultimate Trading Coaching group. This will guarantee that you will have an intense learning experience.

The main goal of the Ultimate Trading Coaching program is that you learn 2 completely new trade entry styles based on live trades and based on historical trades that I did to produce the results shown in the above equity curves.

And if we have some time left over, then I can also teach the usage of the V-Power System, DTB System or STME System additionally.



100% Money Back Guarantee


14 Days Money Back Guarantee! No questions asked. I will directly refund your money if you request it within 14 days after your purchase. I will do my best to satisfy you with my coaching. If you are not satisfied or think that the course is not for you then request a refund within the first 14 days. That way you have a satisfaction-gurantee from me!



Limited Seats Only - Hurry


There is a maximum number of seats in the Ultimate Trading Coaching program. Therefore, it can occur that we stop accepting members to join the course even before the anticipated "last day to join".


Join today and take advantage of the 30% introductory discount.


Ultimate Trading Coaching
3 Month

899€ 449€

One Time Payment
  • 40 hours of coaching + setups
  • 90 days access
  • 2 new trade entry styles
  • 1 ExpertAdvisor MT4 (life-time usage)
  • 1 Indicator MT4 (life-time usage)
  • 3 Months Elite Telegram group

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About Me

I'm Mike Semlitsch the owner of PerfectTrendSystem.com. My trading career started in 2007. Since 2013 I have helped thousands of traders to take their trading to the next level. Many of them are now constantly profitable traders. 

The following performance was achieved by me while trading live in front of hundreds of my clients:

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